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"Best of the best! This is a great program that's simple, stable, fast and inexpensive... If you're looking to make an avi movie, this is *the* best program."

- Tim Rossman
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc


"Hi. I downloaded Animator yesterday for an evaluation and have been very impressed with how easy it makes creating an AVI file.

Not only that, but Animator makes AVI files that are 33% smaller than Axogon using the same compression scheme and quality settings."

- Kent Vander Velden
(e-mail and
address supplied)


"...a nifty multimedia tool that allows you to create AVI video clips..."

- Rocketdownload



"I really liked the demo. First time that I have ever wanted to register any shareware!"

- Mark A Obert
Plainville, MA


"Easy- no directions needed. This program makes it easy to put together animation. I used it "out of the box" without reading any directions and got wonderful results. Anyone should try."

"Does exactly what I need!"

"Animator - just what I was looking for; nice one!"

"Best of the best! This is a great program that's simple, stable, fast and inexpensive...If you're looking to make an avi movie, this is *the* best program."

"Animator rocks!"

- Anonymous comments
from CNET


"Congratulations with the Animator. It's fast and very user-friendly."

- Cliff Jackson









Add images, import sounds,
create AVI videos

Are you looking for the fastest and easiest way to create videos? Something that will let you import images, sort them, add sounds and your logos, and create AVI animations and videos?

Antechinus® Animator v5.5 is small, efficient and easy-to-use:

Download it
Install it, and
Create your first animation
All within 5 minutes...

...and at a price tag of just $20 FREE.

Works on Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 and 8

“Animator, for a program it's size, does a remarkable animation job. I experimented with the "moon" graphics that they include with the program and was very much impressed.”

- Louise Wilson
Shareware Junkies

Before you decide which website builder you are going to use for your business take the time to make sure that it supports all the necessary animation format as seen below. Remember, with a minimal investment of time and resources you can create a website that will help you broaden you businesses horizons and revenue.

Create AVI's easily... and a lot more:

Extract images from AVI files.

Extract sound from AVI files

Merge AVIs with WAV, MID and AVI sound files.



frame and repetition rates
color depth
compression and
all the other aspects of generating AVI videos.

Convert AVI to MPG/MPEG

Try the morph effect

“I have been looking for a good animator ALL DAY LONG! NOTHING even comes close to this one.... reasons:

1 - easy to use (1st animation took me 1 min)

2 - runs fast (unlike the other crappy ones I downloaded)

3 - way better.... too lazy to list all the reasons - START DOWNLOADING NOW! (it's only a few hundred k!!!) by the way... this is so much fun..... good for whatever the description the company gives is right on.... what are you sitting here reading this for... start downloading”

- PT


You will find your Antechinus® Animator a nifty tool that you'll need many times. Order your copy at the incredibly low price of only $20 and receive your license and registration in the next 5 minutes.

What are others saying?

“Animator does the job of stringing still images together into an animation brilliantly. No need to read the manual, you just run the program and do it!

... when it comes to online casinos, we create new animations all the time - thank you for such a nifty little program.”

Kevin Elliot, New York

It is tempting to show you all the awards that Animator won. Instead, I'll just show you one of them that sums it up nicely:

Let the Animator be your choice too.

To see the list of awards (we stopped adding new ones after 28!), click here.

Animator is a part of Antechinus® Creative Suite Standard Edition, world's best FREE tool for creating, editing and deploying animations, images, sounds, and other resources.

It does NOT contain any 'helpful' browser toolbars, advertising applets, or nasty surprises. Just great software you use every day... and it's free :)


I look forward to seeing your creations!

Dr Alex D, Director
C Point Pty Ltd

Animator is tiny in size but does a remarkable job: download it, install it, and create your first animation, all within 5 minutes.