JavaScript tutorial:
Downloading and installing additional components

New components that extend the functionality of JavaScript Editor are being frequently developed. They are used to integrate compilers, interpreters, linkers, context-sensitive help, spelling dictionaries, etc.

Selecting Automate / Download Additional Components from the menu takes you to the web page where you can select what you need.

Selecting Automate / Install Additional Components from the menu gives you the overview of available components and allows you to install the ones you need.

Highly recommended:

Compile JScript.Net applications and libraries: adds comprehensive support for compiling .Net applications and libraries.

Context-sensitive help: Compilers, interpreters and other tools often come with their own .chm help files. This component allows you to add context-sensitive help using the compiled help file (.chm file) of your choice.

Invoking the command opens the .chm file and uses the word under the cursor to locate the corresponding entry in the help file, providing you with the context-sensitive help.