JavaScript tutorial:


Antechinus uses Intellisense to simplify writing of code and make it more error-free. It works by monitoring your keystrokes and offering pick-lists with member functions, methots and properties, as shown below.

To speed up your work, Intellisense/auto-complete also pick up the objects that you create:

Example 1:

  JavaScript Editor Intellisense

Example 2:


Use intellisense to:

Speed up your work: pressing Enter when a pick-list item is highlighted will auto-complete the statement

Select the function or method from the list

Examine the methods that are available for the given class. Some classes, (e.g., String) have many methods and properties that are otherwise hard to remember, and

Examine the function declaration and its list of parameters

Some points to keep in mind:

Some properties (e.g., screen.colorDepth) you can get, but not set. In this case, the property will be marked readonly.

Some methods may have optional parameters. The optional parameters are listed in square brackets, e.g., ArrayVar.slice(start, [end]);