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Do you know that the hot e-games such as the ones found at eGame Bot would not function without JavaScript?

For this premium free-games site, Wordpress was used as the engine, with the help of JavaScript Editor for all the code.

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Download additional spell-check dictionaries and components to extend the functionality of JavaScript Editor.


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Top JavaScript and AJAX Libraries
for DHTML and web application development

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-- On this page you'll find all the JavaScript and AJAX libraries you need for your website and web application development, ranging from single-purpose scripts and script depositories to entire JavaScript application frameworks.

The Top JavaScript and AJAX Libraries list is compiled, rated and maintained by JavaScriptDeveloper.com.

In evaluating the libraries the following properties are take into account: the ease-of-use, documentation, suitability to the task, cross-browser compatibility, demos and examples, flexibility and extensibility.

Small libraries that are perfect for the task in one category are rated better than large libraries that do an average job in multiple categories. Likewise, there are many libraries that simplify AJAX development - but without offering additional benefits they cannot be awarded the top rating.

Look for top-quality libraries rated or .


Design stunning web pages and applications
quickly and effortlessly with JavaScript Editor

    AFLAX combines JavaScript and Flash to allow you to build AJAX applications with the rich set of vector-drawing tools.
    JavaScriptDeveloper rating:
  • AHAH (Asychronous HTML and HTTP)
    The purpose of AHAH is to simplify AJAX development. Advantages:
    - The lack of custom XML schemas dramatically reduces design time
    - AHAH can trivially reuse existing HTML pages, avoiding the need for a custom web service
    - All data transport is done via browser-friendly HTML, easing debugging and testing
    - The HTML is designed to be directly embedded in the page's DOM, eliminating the need for parsing
    - As HTML, designers can format it using CSS, rather than programmers having to do XSLT transforms
    - Processing is all done on the server, so the client-side programming is essentially nil (moving opaque bits)
    JavaScriptDeveloper rating:
    No demo, but there are code snippets provided with the library.
  • AJAX Toolbox
    AJAX Toolbox simplifies the XMLHttpRequest and provides a wrapper for the onreadystate handler and status codes. It also provides request monitoring with accurate "busy" indicators.
    JavaScriptDeveloper rating:

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Pregnancy calculator (written in JavaScript!)


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