JavaScript tutorial:
How to combine JavaScript Editor with visual editing tools


Visual Web Designer, which is built into Antechinus JavaScript Editor, allows you to edit your web pages visually with a variety of options, using a simple point-and-click interface. To switch from editing code to visual design, select View / Visual Web Designer from the menu (or press F7).

Note: Visual Web Designer needs to know the path to your document because links to images, sound, videos, and other resources are relative to that path. Please save your document before switching to Visual Web Designer.

In manu cases, you will already have a favorite visual editor (e.g. Dreamweaver, Front Page...). JavaScript Editor works nicely with other tools and complements them.

It is a good idea to open the same file in JavaScript Editor and your favorite visual HTML tool. When you use the visual tool to modify the document and save it, JavaScript Editor automatically reloads it.

To combine Antechinus with visual editing tools:

Select Tools/Add & Edit Tools from the Tools menu

Click on the New button and type in the name of the tool to add (for example, Dreamweaver)

On the command line, type in the full path to the tool, or browse to it to select it (for example, D:\Dreamweaver\Dreamweaver MX\dreamweaver.exe)

Specify the arguments to pass to the tool when invoking it. Using $(FilePath) will expand to the full path of the file you are currently editing, and

Click on the Update button to store the changes.

The new application has been added to the Tools menu. You can now close the Add & Edit Tools dialog, and call the application from the Tools menu to edit your current document.