JavaScript tutorial:
JavaScript Editor Reference


This section explains features of JavaScript Editor grouped by category.

If you have not already done so, please go through the JavaScript tutorial first, which takes you step-by-step not only through the scripting language, but also through all major features of the editor.

Recommended layout

Running and testing JavaScript code
Code reuse with templates, solutions, auto-scripts and macros
Working with resources
Intellisense and auto-complete
Source code formatter / beautifier
Using the Editor with visual web tools
Focus your editing with code folding
Spell-checking your documents
Creating and maintaining web menus

Viewing your web pages
Managing your websites, transferring files, Get & Put

JavaScript debugger guide part 1
JavaScript debugger guide part 2
How to enable JavaScript debugger

Working with XML files
CSS File Editor: fast way to create and maintain your CSS files
Extending the functionality of JavaScript Editor
       Download and install additional components
       Integrate additional browsers and third-party tools into JavaScript Editor environment

JavaScript articles and solutions

How to create games using JavaScript
How to draw lines, polygons and other objects on your pages
How to read and write files in JavaScript
Fixing JavaScript bugs

Free JavaScripts and HTML code

With new high-quality scripts being added every few days, this section has been moved and reorganized. Find all the code to turbo-charge your web pages at free JavaScripts and HTML code.