JavaScript tutorial:
Code reuse with templates, solutions, auto-scripts and macros


Ability to reuse your code is very important. As you quickly become a JavaScript expert, the number of bits and pieces of code you can reuse in other projects will grow.

To facilitate reuse, Antechinus JavaScript Editor has several mechanisms: which one you use at a given moment depends on the situation.

Fast code reuse with Code Templates: this option is great for code you need to insert over and over again into your documents.

Ready-to-use solutions: Do you need a ready-to-use slide show? Pull-down menu? Redirection? Rounded corners?
JavaScript Editor offers numerous and well-categorized solutions you can use instantly with only few clicks.

Using AutoScript to customize documents: this options is for cases when you need to modify existing documents - using JavaScript.

Using macros to automate repetitive tasks: this commonly-used automation tool allows you to record your keystrokes, commands and mouse command and replay them when needed.